Who are Consumerletters.co.uk? We are an organisation whose staff have 30 years’ experience and 10 years of working knowledge of writing effective, successful complaint letters in many areas of law and social circumstances for both domestic and commercial clients. What makes Consumerletters.co.uk successful? Quite simply, we are not afraid to ask the right questions, and we always ask the right lawful questions! But what do we mean by this? Writing a complaint letter is a technique. How you write your letter depends on whom you are writing to, what you are writing about, what you hope to achieve by your letter, and how you hope to achieve it. For example, Public Order Fixed Penalty Notices are issued as a civil penalty but force the alleged offender to give their name and address by citing criminal law – how is this contradiction in law possible or even lawful?

We, the ‘Great British Public’, have allowed corporate entities to engineer our right to complain out of our psyche to the point where organisations are engaging in wholly unlawful practices without reproach. Consumerletters.co.uk humbly attempts to address this disparity and give the working people a fighting chance.

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