Step 1

Fill out the online application & consent form. Attach all and any relevant documents.

Step 2

We will assess the situation & your chances of success. If you decide you want us to represent you.

Step 3

Enter Payment Details.

Step 4

Letters/Fines/Witness Statements - A letter is drafted in your name & sent to the relevant Person/Organisation Mitigation/Speeches – Text will be drafted & your approval sought as to its content & accuracy.

Step 5

You will receive a confirmation email/letter detailing acceptance of payment & our initial letter to the relevant respondent.

Step 6

When you receive a reply, forward this to us immediately (see "Client Undertaking", Section 2 of Terms & Conditions).

Step 7

If your first letter is successful, send us their reply as confirmation, case closed. If not, send us their reply and will manage the written exchange until a successful conclusion. Alternatively, if you believe you have a strong case and would like us to proceed immediately, you should complete the Application/Consent Form & Payment Form together. When you are supplying details of the event, please ensure you include as much detail as possible – especially the details you think are not relevant as circumstances have an outcome on the law as it’s applied.

For Fixed Penalty Notices and Witness Statements for Parking Violations:

Step 7

  • The exact details of contravention as outlined on the parking ticket.

  • Time, Date & Contravention details (FPN/PCN No. etc.).

  • The conversation – if any – that took place between yourself & the attendant Please detail every aspect of the event & the circumstances surrounding your contravention even if you think it might not be relevant, e.g.:

  • I did not throw the cigarette butt away.

  • My dog wasn’t barking loud.

  • I did not drop that litter.

  • You were only there for 2 minutes.

  • A parking ticket was displayed but slid from view.

  • You were parked in a relevant bay.

  • I was on private property when the alleged incident occurred.

  • No parking ticket was issued to you but you received a letter.

  • You were in-between permits when the ticket was issued.

  • Did you notice other cars with parking tickets for the same offence etc.?

We will then assess the situation and your chances of success. If we believe you can win – there are those few instances where this may not be possible – we will let you know, and then you decide if you want us to proceed.

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